Hi , I am Dani Parks, Founder of the Princesses, Pearls & Puberty : Discovery Party for Girls (10-12 yrs old)! When I saw the opportunity within my own home to empower my daughter through this amazing time in her and I decided to make it a party!


Yep, that's the Grand inception of this remarkable event!

We are four years into empowering our community and more than ever we are realizing how period poverty is overlooked issue in the inner cities. This party not only educates & empowers our girls but also brings awareness to period poverty and provides the opportunity to promote a healthy mommy/daddy & daughter relationship.


This party comfortably opens the line of communication with their preteen daughters about the impending body changes to their bodies as a result of puberty in a fun, educational, positive and safe environment. This event bridges the generational gap on the topic of womanhood and fosters a healthy and positive attitude about femininity.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.


Our Mission

Princesses, Pearls & Puberty Party ™ is designed to help parents and their pre-teen children (10-12 yrs. old) open the lines of communications to comfortable talk about puberty. To provide an introductory lesson talk about the impending body changes in a fun, educational, and safe environment educates and empower girls about puberty, safety, mental health, addresses period poverty.

Cool Girls
Happy Girls

Our Vision

To see every girl embrace her

Femininity with Power and Bold Confidence.

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